Murder Ballad: Regional Premiere 

"Sara Zoe Budnik as the Narrator was absolutely beautiful.  Not only as a visual beauty but her soulful singing and graceful movements lead us throughout the story.” - Vivian Luther, Land of CleveReview 

A Christmas Story: National Tour

“[Ralphie’s] Mother (Sara Zoe Budnik) and Old Man (Paul Nobrega) are a fitting pair ... Budnik in the more subtle of the parental roles has a lovely singing voice, and exudes a warmth that is hard to describe, despite her being on the younger side of the role's range, she manages to make us believe that she's an overworked housewife of the 1940s." - Taylor Clemons, Broadway World,  Review

"More quiet and moving — if the scattered sighs and “ahhs” from the audience were any indication — was Sara Zoe Budnik’s kitchen solo, “What a Mother Does.” - Nancy O'Donnell, Democrat and ChronicleReview

"There’s also room for songs designed to put a tear in the eye of parents in the audience, tunes anchored by an understated performance by Sara Zoe Budnik." - Lou Harry, Indianapolis Business Journal - Review

"Along with Mother, played by Sara Zoe Budnik, Matthew Brennan in the role of The Old Man, and Evan Christy as Ralphie's younger brother, Randy, the Parker family was one rife with charm, heart, fun, and incredible voices." - Juliana Asbill, Broadway World, Review

"I do have to highlight Paul Nobrega and Sara Zoe Budnik, who played Ralphie's parents because they had some incredible on-stage chemistry. Budnik and Nobrega did a wonderful job conveying to the audience the real dynamic of their relationship even though the story, of course, was about Ralphie's Christmas. I especially was blown away by how they characterized their roles in multiple ways, especially through their on-stage expressions and dialogue." - The Marriage Matinee, Broadway World, Review


The Parker Family - A Christmas Story Tour

The Parker Family - A Christmas Story Tour